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2015 Chevrolet Colorado Owners Manual – Chevrolet Colorado is a mid-measured pickup for those who do the occasional moving, tow gentle trailers or need the several-tire drive to reach their favorite athletic site.

Narrower minimizing than a whole-size pickup yet not actually smaller, Colorado provides two cabs: A Prolonged Cab with rear entrance doors that wide open complete opposite the entrance and a Crew Cab with four conventional entry doors. Extended Taxi cabs have two compact, frontward-experiencing rear seats best for little ones or youngster seats, while Crew Taxi cabs use a 3-individual bench with go and legroom approximating the room of a complete-size pickup with the extended cab.

All Chevrolet Colorado pickups have roomy container seats in the entrance.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Owners Manual and Concept
2015 Chevrolet Colorado Owners Manual and Concept

Fill potential varieties from 1,400 to 1,600 weight, more than some whole-dimension pickups. The highest towing capability is 7,000 lbs. As with all pickups you cannot hold and tow optimum weight loads simultaneously.

Useful Silverado portions that trickled right down to midsize Colorado involve your bed lights and cargo handle solutions, part bumper stage and rail pick up the handle, and a sealing tailgate with backup camera. The main compromise in pickup utility emanates from tire arches as well in close proximity to place a 4×8 sheet toned on your bed flooring; they will have to be transported above the rims with some 2×6 or 2×8 cross planks. Tailgate starting width is about 55 ins which means your quad or watercraft could fit.

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The base model Chevrolet Colorado is operated by a 4-cylinder engine, with handbook transmission, rear-wheel drive, no back seats, vinyl fabric covers and flooring surfaces, and few choices. This is best for the most price range-sensitive or as an empty fabric for a custom-made pickup truck. Features and options development upward by means of Colorado WT and Colorado LT to the Colorado Z71 leading trim. A completely jam-packed 2015 Chevrolet Colorado will hover close to $40,000.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Interior and Redesign
2015 Chevrolet Colorado Interior and Redesign

A rearview camera is normal and you will get forwards crash and lane leaving warning systems, but at the very least right now you are not able to get those caution techniques on the Z71 with this beloved suspensions installation. OnStar is located on most 2015 Chevrolet Colorado models now gives 4G LTE communication and assists as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Data pricing differs on the use and whether you are an OnStar subscriber. The pilot/device interface is user-friendly and involves Bluetooth internet streaming, written text notifications, internet radio and so forth.

Engines incorporate a 200-hp four-tube and a 305-hp V6, nearly all with a 6-speed automated transmission. Equally perform well. The four-cylinder tows as much as 3500 lbs. Given the decision, we’d recommend the several-tube if you are utilizing your Colorado as a next car, V6 if you anticipate towing or four-wheeling. EPA rankings are superior to individuals of the very similar-sizing Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma, but they’re also just one or two mpg superior to all those of a total-dimensions Silverado V6 or Ram HFE and delay right behind rankings for a Ram 1500 diesel.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Owners Manual