2014 Volkswagen EOS Owners Manual

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2014 Volkswagen EOS Owners Manual – Straight down a thirdly in year-over-year revenue but in its eighth year of production, this quirky tiny drop-best is encouraging to sing a swan song very soon.

Offered a company-new Cabriolet recently resurrected for Europe (complete with R and GTI editions), but just a couple of alternatives delivered into the Eos’s normal listing for 2014, you’re most likely quickly working out of time to see the sun goddess off and away to her American relaxation.

2014 Volkswagen EOS
2014 Volkswagen EOS

As in, this model is most likely your last shot at a clean Eos just the way you want it, and it’s a good year to buy with a few a lot more features in this year’s normal providing in spite of shedding a trim.

Now in a easy 3 trims starting from the base Komfort to the sport-tuned Sport and lavishly wearing Professional, the removed Lux improve to the similarly softly stopped Komfort simply leaves a $5,000 gap between the remaining set of best divisions for his or her massive distinction in feature content material-but in addition foliage area for universal feature upgrades.

Every single Eos now gets a navigation program and V-dub’s Car-Web (which is much like Chevy’s OnStar and other recent infotainment techniques). The Sport benefits keyless entrance and a press-button beginner over the final year, and the Executive picks up in which the Lux kept with all its features from 2013 plus a greater touchscreen.

The only recognized word on its long term includes tips that the Eos isn’t planning to final considerably longer lengthy and a few managers prefer a Stateside Cabriolet alternative. When, how and what are nevertheless completely up in the atmosphere, specifically given Tennessee development slowdowns, and Volkswagen isn’t producing even an individual assure.

So as for now, this Eos is anticipated to be much the exact same as it joined 2013. This means practically nothing changes, from the 10-cubic-feet trunk capacity to its 7-2nd lunge to 60 mph and the 25 seconds it will take to drop the specialized leading with an integrated sunshine/moonroof.

Fuel economy keeps pat at 22 mpg city/30 road with the 6-velocity automatic guide running the 4-cylinder show, beneficial to 200 hp and 207 lb-feet of torque out of its 2-liter turbo engine. Drivers record the Eos is quite pleasurable to operate with the top up for a tranquil cabin or right down to permit in a nicely-shaped breeze, but rear passengers will truly feel the compact-car crunch.