2014 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual

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2014 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual – The 1984 Jeep Cherokee probably conceived the little SUV, and yes it ruled for 17 several years until finally its slot was used by the 2001 Jeep Liberty. Now it’s rear in the lineup. The 2014 Cherokee is new from the ground-up, a redesign to knock your stockings off. Cherokee appearance was fantastic yet again. And the base price is $400 below the 2013 Liberty.

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee arrives standard with a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine. Called the Tigershark MultiAir 2 I-4, it makes 184 hp and 171 pound-ft of torque, with fuel miles EPA-ranked at 21/28 mpg Town/Road. We obtained 23.4 on the road and winding hill two-lanes

2014 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual and Concept
2014 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual and Concept

2014 Jeep Cherokee Model and Price

Jeep Cherokee is available in Sport, Latitude and Constrained models, every with entrance-wheel travel or 4×4, plus the Trailhawk 4×4, with offroad capability that’s off the chart.

Cherokee Sport ($22,995) and Sport 4×4 ($24,495) comes standard with no-ICS air conditioner, atmosphere filtering, material seats with guidebook size realignment, cloth doorway clip, reclining and fore-aft changing 60/40 rear seat, energy home windows with driver’s 1-effect downward, keyless access, 5-inch touchscreen with Wireless Bluetooth and media centre, Directed taillamps and daytime running lighting fixtures, halogen headlamps, electric vehicle parking brake, 17-” metal tires with all off-season auto tires, black colored front door manages and energy mirrors.

2014 Jeep Cherokee Walkaround

The all-new Cherokee doesn’t get lost in the SUV audience. It produces fashion and difference while obviously becoming a Jeep. Perhaps acutely best conveyed by the grille, the several Jeep slugs backed by eggcrate, one vertical part with the aluminum hood, an exclusive design explained by Jeep as the waterfall. The hat has a hump as on a muscle car, made into a toned-black wedge on the Trailhawk. The slugs are bright chrome in every single model but the Trailhawk, whereby the egg crate is dark, altering the car’s existence. All around, the Trailhawk using its robust details (wheels, wheels, fender flares, pull hooks) appears more Jeepish.

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2014 Jeep Cherokee Interior Features

Limited, comfortable, almost everything functionality, straightforward to attain, elegant. They nailed it.

2014 Jeep Cherokee Interior and Redesign
2014 Jeep Cherokee Interior and Redesign

The Jeep Cherokee Latitude comes with fabric seats on the are rugged and sporty, fit just right. Perforated leather material seats in the spot of the material in the Restricted. The superb body fat controls help make you think that you’re in control. You’re in the middle of the appropriate items in the proper locations: leather armrest/get manage, serious front door budget and heart unit, neat and reactive middle pile, cut like brownish titanium, dark air vents, stitched natural leather on the dash. And many knobs. Knobs are excellent. However, not a lot of.

2014 Jeep Cherokee Driving

The first thing we noticed if we drove the Jeep Cherokee is how restricted it is, smooth and sound with a firm journey. The steering is specific to have an SUV, using controls that are fulfilling in its design and performance. The steering line manufactured a little of sound whenever we transformed the tire on a minimum of one model, nevertheless.

2014 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual

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