2013 Volkswagen Routan Owners Manual

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2013 Volkswagen Routan Owners Manual – A unusual view on the roadways, the Volkswagen Routan is a casually reskinned version of the Chrysler minivans–kith and kin with the Chrysler Town And Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan, sold by VW under a licensing contract that operates at the very least through the 2013 model year.

The Routan gets some distinctive VW styling touches in its conversion process looking at the Chrysler beginnings and falls some features that identify the Chryslers as the most flexible, most safety-precautious vans on the world.

2013 Volkswagen Routan
2013 Volkswagen Routan

From the exterior, the changes are most obvious: there are a Volkswagen grille and slightly various front and rear bumpers. The interior of the Routan is distinctive, too, although given that Chrysler upgraded the cabins of its minivans.

the variations between individuals and the Routan are less than in the 2009-2010 model yrs. Whatever the case, the Routan–like the Chryslers–is still amongst the boxier of minivans, which pays off with excellent outward presence.

In the 2011 model year, the Chrysler minivans and the Routan all used a new powertrain. The new 3.6-liter V-6 is combined to a half a dozen-pace auto and transmits power to the entrance rims. Powertrain differences are extremely slight: we haven’t been powering the wheel of a Routan since the transplant, but substantial test drives in the Grand Caravan have exposed pleasantly good velocity, with steering that’s light and quick, by minivan specifications.

Volkswagen’s revocation tuning is slightly diverse as nicely. We’ve discovered the Chryslers to possess an extremely compliant journey, with significantly less body roll when compared to past editions. The Grand Caravan and Town And Country do often sure above long series of lumps, though. We’ll record back again when we discover in different ways in the Routan.

Some essential distinctions independent the Routan looking at the Chrysler relatives, in terms of flexibility and performance. Chrysler decided to keep its most unique feature to by itself: the Town & Country and Grand Caravan have second-row seats that retract smoothly into the floor, a program is known as Stow ‘N Go.

When remaining up for travelers, individuals Chrysler seats leave the in-floor area behind for storing. In the Routan, the next-row captain’s seats fold and skip ahead, but don’t vanish in the ground; it’s set-up more like the one in the Honda and Toyota minivans.

The Routan’s third-row seat does fold level, increasing cargo space and offering the Routan very competitive cargo-transporting capacity. We’ve been pleased to locate third-row seat area in the Chrysler vans is practically adult-sized, and assume no distinct from the Routan.