2002 Nissan Frontier Owners Manual

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2002 Nissan Frontier Owners Manual – Now you can haul four passengers and a total fill of freight at the very same time because the Nissan Frontier Crew Cab is provided with a 6-feet extended-bed.

This new, much longer bed deals with 1 of the largest downsides to the new crew cab compact pickups: quick cargo mattresses. In the prior, consumers experienced to accept a short your bed to acquire true again seats: the bed on the Nissan Frontier Crew Cab brief bed is under 5 feet very long (56.3 “). That is not a problem for a lot of customers, but individuals who will need an extended mattress require an extended your bed.

2002 Nissan Frontier Concept HD Wallpaper

2002 Nissan Frontier Price and Model

Two body styles are available, King Cab and Crew Cab. Every single is available in about three trim levels: XE, SE, and SC. King Cab and Crew Cab models offer a selection of 3 engines: a 2.4-liter a number of-cylinder, a 3.3-liter V6, and a supercharged 3.3-liter V6. Each is provided by two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Wilderness Runner 4×2 V6 models are available too.

Frontier prices begin at $12,799 for a base 2WD King Cab with a four-cylinder engine and five-speed handbook. You may want to add more yet another $1199 to this figure, even so, for the Fundamental Gear package that includes air cooling, an AM/FM/Compact disc stereo system. The base model includes 15-inches wheels. XE starts at $13,799 while offering a little advanced level of trim.

2002 Nissan Frontier Exterior

The 2002 Nissan Frontier provides a bold design. The major striking front end and fender flares supply a sporty commercial appearance, a go across between a power resource and a boxing glove. This truck won’t go undetected like the dull Toyota Tacoma.

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The effective appearance will begin in the body-colored grille, which incorporates a faux bash guard manufactured of challenging plastic material, a genuine design. The front-end will come off as bulky without getting large, and the round sides more propose that pow!-in-your-deal with boxing-glove appearance. The hood line is taller, the obvious halogen front lights and rounded Maxima foglights are oversized, and the turn signals goggle-like. The big fender flares with crucial soil flaps span radial tire arches and also have a complete that is purposefully duller than the body. They are connected by notable tabs that appear to be like bolt heads, which result in men and women to walk up and discover should they style. There’s one thing appropriate about any design feature that pulls customers to contact it.

2002 Nissan Frontier Interior Features

Frontier’s interior effuses an industrial look that complements the exterior. The tool board is hitting with a two-color titanium-tinted history. At night the amounts illuminate, but simply because they’re specified in white-colored alternatively of being strong, they’re hard to go through. The tachometer stretches to 8000 rpm despite the engine’s 4800 rpm potential peak, with a redline commencing at 6000 and working on a major pointless streak to 8 grand. The digital time clock is located so it’s virtually impossible to read through in the sunshine, and the tiny natural lights implying air conditioning are too dim and small to see.

2002 Nissan Frontier Interior HD Wallpaper

The gaming system layout is tidy and fine. The middle dash and device solar panel is a big advancement over the gold plastic-type used very last year, which searched like a person painted it with a can of apply color.

2002 Nissan Frontier Driving Impressions

Nissan’s Frontier trips and manages very well, for a truck. It can feel nimble in corners, and the directing is reactive. The front wheels keep fixed to the highway when cornering and the rear stop in no way believe gentle more than lumps. It trips like a truck and you can feel highway vibrations by means of the steering wheel and seat of pants.

The Crew Cab is a tad weightier than two-entrance Frontiers; its 56-44 excess weight submission is marginally superior to the Master Cab’s 57-43. The Crew Cab also gets a rear stabilizer bar as well as the normal front stabilizer pub. Reduced-profile auto tires most likely make a significant participation in the Frontier’s coping with prowess.

2002 Nissan Frontier Owners Manual