2002 Audi TT Owners Manual

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2002 Audi TT Owners Manual – The stuff of fantasies, daydreams, and a million blown-out birthday candle wishes, the Audi TT didn’t see numerous alterations in 2002. And just why should it? Though it’s maybe not a racer per se, it seems like one, and isn’t image more important than substance these days anyway? Not saying that the 2002 Audi TT doesn’t perform. Available as either a Coupe or convertible Roadster, the TT comes with a 1.8-liter, 4-cylinder engine tuned to either 180-hp or 225-hp. The 225-hp is standard with quattro all-wheel drive (the 180-hp Coupe has a quattro option) ABS brakes, traction control, and an electronic stability program are standard for all trims while the 180-hp is standard front-wheel drive.


In 2002, to commemorate its entry in to the Le Mans circuit, Audi issued a small number of ALMS TTs (American Le Mans Series), a souped up variation of the 225 coupe with larger 18-inch high performance tires and badging that is special.

The 2002 Audi TT is about touring in style. Not only does the blend regarding the 225-hp engine and quattro technology ensure confident and road-gripping handling on back roads, however the interior luxury cocoons you within the sleek bubble this is the aluminum-bodied TT. It seats four, but the backseat is put to better use folded straight down for additional trunk area. The soft top stores in the trunk, cutting down on capacity in the Roadster. New in 2002, an in-dash CD changer replaced the odd behind-the-driver’s-seat changer in previous TTs. Heated seats had been available, to keep you warm even with the top down.


The 2002 TT gets praise for its expert and nimble management. Though maybe not mind-blowing fast, it is powerful and sporty sufficient to raise the neck hairs in the typical driver. Most owners believe that it is the most wonderful, unique, and car that is sexy the street. The large trunk in the Coupe is a big shock, and several enjoy the sporty exhaust sounds. Criticisms appear to focus in the TT’s unreliability and time invested in repair stores and working with bad Audi consumer service. Performance-wise, there was a noticeable turbo lag, though once it gets up to speed, the Audi is impressive. Owner would like cupholders that are better-placed power seats and much more engine energy as a whole. There are reports of rattling at high speeds and over bumps.

2002 Audi TT Owners Manual

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