2001 Acura MDX Owners Manual

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2001 Acura MDX

The 2001 MDX was Acura’s solution to the BMW X5 and the Lexus RX300. The MDX has a few lines of seats in a natural leather that can help conceal the dirt brought in by those occupying the rear seats.

The normal engine is a 3.5-liter V6 graded at 240 horse power and 246 lb-feet of torque. Don’t that way engine? Too bad….it’s all there was clearly.

Miles is fairly beneficial to a larger SUV, with 17 city and 23 road. The menu system was really advanced for 2001, but wouldn’t be quite so amazing now.

I test drove this car in 2001 and would have driven away from the lot with a single otherwise for a poor salesperson. Reviews of it are usually beneficial, although many are fast to indicate that the 2001 Acura MDX is built on the Honda Odyssey platform, and the SUV is a tiny to minivan-like for them. While many contact the style “chunky,” I think it is kind of “big-butty” – appeared like the MDX was having a little too much bodyweight in their behind. Nevertheless, to this time, I still bear in mind the smooth feel of the natural leather on the controls, smooth as a Cole Haan finances I had at the time.

2001 Acura MDX Owners Manual