2012 Volkswagen CC Owners Manual

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2012 Volkswagen CC Owners Manual – Volkswagen brings back the stylish CC (for Comfort Coupe), providing so many trim kinds in 2012 that you will require more than the fingers on one side to count them all.

As well as the selection of trims on the menu, VW promises that the 2012 CC is the most beautiful car it helps make. In reality, VW believes you will be so compelled by the fashionable visual appearance of this 4-doorway, 4-seater sedan that you may possibly forget to enjoy the guts and beauty discovered under its hood.

2012 Volkswagen CC
2012 Volkswagen CC

The Sport, R-Series, Luxury (Lux), Luxury Plus and Luxury Limited trims offer a normal turbocharged 2.0-liter TSI DOHC inline 4-cylinder engine with FSI primary injections made to boost fuel economy.

The I4 engine offers 200 hp and 207 lb-feet of torque. Front-wheel-drive trims include a standard handbook 6-pace in the Sport and R-Collection, whilst the three Lux trims supply a 6-pace DSC automated with Tiptronic and Sport settings.

The Sport and R-Line also share fuel economy quotes of 21 mpg city/31 road and a 0-60 time, based on VW, of 6.9 secs. The Lux trims, nonetheless, get a bit even worse performance with a 7.4-2nd -60 some time and gas economy of 19/29.

Whilst all CC trims trip on a sports revocation with impartial MacPherson struts in the front plus an independent 4-hyperlink revocation in the rear, the high-conclusion 4Motion Professional trim raises power, with a bigger engine and normal all-wheel travel.

The 3.6-liter V6 in the 4Motion provides 280 hp and 265 lb-feet of torque, along with a regular 6-speed automatic. Unfortunately, the 4Motion has no available handbook transmission, and the automated has been criticized for a slight postpone in energy shipping.

And even though the 4Motion’s -60-time increases (6.2 secs, based on VW), its gas economy fails to (17/25). Motorists should also be aware that all of the CC trims would rather sip Premium energy.

The Sport clip starts the CC lineup. Riding on standard 17-” rims (larger dimensions are a readily available option), it contains energy area wall mirrors with incorporated turn impulses, automatic rainwater-sensing windscreen wipers and auto headlights with the “Coming Home” feature, allowing car owners to choose to leave the headlights on longer for much better presence when departing the car. Within features incorporate a guide Climatic single-zone climate manage and Bluetooth for fingers-free mobile phone use.