2010 Dodge Challenger Owners Manual

2010 Dodge Challenger Owners Manual – About three distinct models of the 2010 Dodge Challenger are available: the SE, R/T, and SRT8. In spite of all the differences in performance and features between the three models-and, the substantial price range from all around $23,000 for the base SE model to about $46,000 for the SRT8-the evocative exterior fashion of the new Challenger remains potent over the whole collection. The SRT8 provides adequate additional features for true fans to distinguish the variation, although, with its bold nose and robust bodylines, there’s no mistaking a Challenger for any other car.

2010 Dodge Challenger Owners Manual and Concept
2010 Dodge Challenger Owners Manual and Concept

2010 Dodge Challenger Styling

With all of three Detroit automakers now offering diverse models, the muscle tissue-car battles are back again on-at least for a couple of a lot more many years. The broadened 2009 Dodge Challenger collection competes with the equally retro Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro, each making use of their individual type records.

Most reviewers agree that amid the three Detroit muscle cars, the 2010 Dodge Challenger takes on the old style card to the greatest degree. Vehicle Magazine telephone calls it a “head turner,” whilst Cars.com identifies its “Hot Wheels” styling.

2010 Dodge Challenger Performance

The 2010 Dodge Challenger is made available as a much more inexpensive Challenger SE, but significant muscle-car followers and fanatics may wish to choose 1 of the HEMI V-8-operated models, the R/T or SRT8.

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The uninspiring 250-hp, 3.5-liter V-6 on the Challenger Dodge SE is, in the terms of Motor Trend reviewers, “not slow-moving; it’s hardly quick, possibly.” No-one will explain either of the V-8s doing this, though, and ConsumerGuide raves that the HEMI-run “R/T is very powerful, with ample transferring stores.” The maximum compliments are protected for the really able Dodge Challenger SRT8, which Cars.com identifies as “a rocket increaser strapped to the fanny” and that Jalopnik says can obtain “a 0-to-60 time of several seconds.” Cars.com studies that the 6.1-liter V-8 in the SRT8 gives a “blustery 425 horsepower.”

2010 Dodge Challenger Comfort And Quality

For the most part, the Challenger has a quite secure and well-appointed interior. The supportive front side seats-best for lengthy road outings-are a plus. But other cabin details keep some pundits seeking.

2010 Dodge Challenger Owners Manual and Concept
2010 Dodge Challenger Owners Manual and Concept

Reviewers virtually unanimously positive about the front seats in the 2010 Dodge Challenger. Cars.com holds practically nothing back when conversing about the “superb leather seats with good side and back again support” that they can feel are “quickly the finest [they’ve] seen in a Dodge.” On the Dodge Challenger SRT8, Car and Car owner reports that the “heavy, great-supported Alcantara-and-leather-based performance seats…stick the car owner in location regardless of lateral forces,” although the Dodge Challenger “R/T and SE models also feature comfy and perfectly bolstered pail seats.”

2010 Dodge Challenger Safety

Despite the fact that the 2010 Dodge Challenger hasn’t been collision-tested by the two main U.S. agencies, it’s fared adequately in a single set of checks; the federal government (NHTSA) gave the Challenger 5 various stars in all frontal and side checks.

2010 Dodge Challenger Owners Manual

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