2006 Dodge Neon Owners Manual

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2006 Dodge Neon Owners Manual – The 2006 Dodge Neon is a 2005, but that isn’t a very bad thing.

The Neon is useful, economical and spacious, and lots were entertaining to drive. It’s faster than most cars in its type, and it also seems sporty on winding roads, with an excellent balance of excellent journey quality and managing speed. Reasonably lengthy suspension journey will help Neon steer clear of bottoming out on poor streets, plus it gets great gas miles. Most beautiful of all, the models on the loads now assure much better offers than before.

2006 Dodge Neon Owners Manual and Concept
2006 Dodge Neon Owners Manual and Concept

2006 Dodge Neon Model and Price

The Dodge Neon is a compact, several-person, front-wheel-drive sedan offered in 3 models: the pure SE, the properly-equipped SXT, and the substantial-performance SRT4. The SE and SXT are run by a 2.0-liter, 132-horsepower four-tube engine.

The Neon SE ($13,800) is spartan, to be sure, with wind flow-up house windows, guide front door fastens, and 14-inch metal rims. Its wall mirrors and moldings are dark, while it does include tilt directing, a 60/40 break up foldable again seat, AM/FM/cassette stereo with four loudspeakers and vanity wall mirrors. A five-speed guide transmission is standard. Selections for the SE include air cooling ($1,000), a several-rate automated transmission ($825), AM/FM/CD stereo with six speakers ($175), and luxury cruise control ($250).

2006 Dodge Neon Walkaround

Neon’s appearance hasn’t changed much, but it’s still notable utilizing small cars by its cab-forward profile, arched roofline, and ovoid headlamps. The cab-forward design will pay sensible dividends. Neon’s very long wheelbase and massive track give rise to its spacious interior, sleek journey quality and-pace steadiness. Whole-framework doors reduce wind flow noise and make a limited seal.

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2006 Dodge Neon Interior Features

The Neon is roomy inside of. In truth, a helpful cabin is 1 of its advantages in comparison with some of the other compacts. The vehicle driver is located great forever exposure, and the top seating area is loaded with lots of fresh place and legroom.

2006 Dodge Neon Interior and Redesign
2006 Dodge Neon Interior and Redesign

Back again-seat travelers reap the benefits of the Neon’s significant interior, as efficiently. The rear seat is not a terrible spot for the brief- to medium-size travels, even for typical-size grownups.

2006 Dodge Neon Driving

The Dodge Neon is exciting to drive. It includes sporty handling and excellent acceleration, though it’s not the smoothest neither the quietest compact car on the streets. In quick, Neon isn’t the most highly processed car in its type, as revealed by its standard engine.

This single-overhead-cam 2.0-liter 4 provides excellent potential. A Neon SXT can accelerate from to 60 mph in about 8.5 secs, that makes it more rapidly than a lot of more-pricey compacts. But the engine doesn’t have a whole lot of torque straight down low in the rev range. (Torque is that push that propels you from intersections and up hills.) Move on the fuel although traveling at 3000 rpm and the Neon collects velocity little by little. There’s a modest hurry of energy that starts off anywhere about 4000 rpm, but there isn’t significant gobs of it, and it also doesn’t construct power till prior 5000 rpm. Neither is the 2.0-liter engine notably processed, and its particular boomy, raucous actions are transported into the cabin as vibrations and sound. The handbook gearbox is prosperous sufficient but has a clunky feel.

2006 Dodge Neon Owners Manual

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