2004 Ford Taurus Owners Manual

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2004 Ford Taurus Owners Manual – The Ford Taurus just continues ticking. The Taurus was final redesigned and re-engineered for 2000, but Ford is continuously enhancing this solid sedan. The Taurus gives outstanding drivetrains, visual appearance, plenty of creature convenience, and the included reward of an unexpected degree of driving delight.

The styling is improved for 2004. A new grille and fascia freshen the top, whilst new taillamps and fascia attire up the rear. The 2004 Taurus interior is more increased with an up to date steering wheel and musical instrument group as well as an updated multiple-functionality change for the wipers, change signs and display-to-successfully pass. The 2004 Taurus engine and transmission offer you improved efficiency and change quality.

2004 Ford Taurus Owners Manual and Concept
2004 Ford Taurus Owners Manual and Concept

2004 Ford Taurus Model Lineup

Ford Taurus is readily available as a four-doorway sedan or a station wagon. The sedan arrives in LX, SE, SES, and SEL models. The wagon is offered in SE and SEL variations.

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Two diverse V6 engines are available, the aged business expense-control device Vulcan V6 and the present day dual expense-cam all-lightweight aluminum Duratec V6. Equally are 3.0-liter engines, but the Duratec is modern-day and even more powerful. All models include four-pace automatic transmissions.

2004 Ford Taurus Walkaround

The Ford Taurus is a common design which has been with us for 8-10 years now. For 2004, there’s a new ovum-kennel grille, new taillamps, and re-designed front side and rear fascia.

2004 Ford Taurus Interior and Redesign
2004 Ford Taurus Interior and Redesign

Taurus has a muscular, forceful physical appearance. Its flanks undulate handsomely with distinct personality outlines, as well as its rear conclusion bears a resemblance to the sexy stern of the Jaguar S-Type.

2004 Ford Taurus Driving Impressions

As talked about, the Ford Taurus delivers a selection of V6 engines. The regular Vulcan V6 is graded at 155 horsepower and 185 weight-toes of torque. It’s a 3.0-liter 12-valve V6 that uses a standard business expense-valve design. Our earlier knowledge about the Vulcan is generally good. Although not particularly quick from a standstill, once rolling it provides more than enough performance, together with a properly rorty exhaust take note. A versatile gas edition of the Vulcan engine can operate on E-85 ethanol, regular unleaded gasoline or any combo of the two in the exact same 18-gallon fuel tank. The FFV engine is a no-cost solution.

The Duratec V6 is a modern-day engine with dual overhead cams functioning 24 valves so that it breathes far more openly and revs better. The Duratec produces 201 hp and 207 pounds.-ft. of torque. The Vulcan engine is great, but consider a single travel with the more receptive Duratec and you may possibly not be happy with a lot less. For 2004, an adjusted exhaust system makes the Duratec engine LEVII certified (as a lower-emission vehicle). The Duratec is a little more effective as effectively, with an EPA-predicted 20/28 mpg Metropolis/Freeway for the Duratec and 20/27 for the Vulcan.

2004 Ford Taurus Owners Manual

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