2002 Dodge Viper Owners Manual

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2002 Dodge Viper Owners Manual – Dodge has offered an all-new and drastically progressed Viper for 2003. Therefore if the authentic kinds have slithered into your heart, you should capture one particular now just before they turn out to be extinct.

Although entering its 11th period, this snake is nonetheless the behemoth of the rainforest, suffocating its rivals with excessive style and brutal torque. The Porsche 911 and Chevrolet Corvette are each more refined and much more comfortable to operate a vehicle. They every single have a much longer pedigree in the sports car entire world. But they also communicate a very different image. If the Porsche is Wagner, and the ‘Vette is Jim Morrison, then Viper is Metallica. Furnished with sledgehammers.

2002 Dodge Viper Owners Manual and Concept
2002 Dodge Viper Owners Manual and Concept

2002 Dodge Viper Model and Price

The Viper line has two models, the authentic RT/10 Roadster ($69,225) and the more recent GTS Coupe. The RT/10’s ideas were the middle of the-Sixties Shelby Cobra 427, although the Coupe is obviously modeled soon after the Shelby Daytona Coupe.

Base price for the GTS Coupe is $72,225. Our examination car presented the American Group Race rivalry package, a $10,000 choice that provides ten hp and ten foot-pounds of torque, stiffens the suspensions and deletes comfort features such as air conditioner, stereo system, and for lighting. The ACR option is designed for buyers who seriously anticipate getting into their Viper in backgrounds, but no doubt some folks will want it for bragging rights on the road. Exclusively for them, a $1,100 comfort group re-provides the A/C and the stereo.

2002 Dodge Viper Walkaround

The Viper is a steely-eyed squint; a duster pulled back to disclose a Colt .45. It isn’t a great deal a challenge, as a preemptive hit to would-be challengers.

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2002 Dodge Viper Interior Features

Getting in and out of this thing is challenging. Maybe that’s why we by no means see Television own eyeballs driving Vipers.

2002 Dodge Viper Interior and Redesign
2002 Dodge Viper Interior and Redesign

The levels of competition-type seats are quite comfortable and encouraging. They are superior to the places in any new Porsche. The several-point harness (the component of the ACR package) is terrific to have; I was required to resist the encourage to put on an auto racing suit and helmet. But the full funnel quickly becomes an annoyance around town, because it is so limited of movements. Luckily, the Viper also has a typical a few-point conduit for everyday use

2002 Dodge Viper Driving

Viper’s design is ideal for a street-going race car. It is like driving Pace Racer’s Mach 5 various. Left-lane hogs retreat to the right in the event it shows up in their decorative mirrors. The Viper is so broad and squat could appear a little squished, or even for the slimming competition lines.

2002 Dodge Viper Owners Manual

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