1999 Land Rover Discovery Owners Manual

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1999 Land Rover Discovery Owners Manual – Land Rover has completely re-designed its Discovery for 1999. Although the overall look is rather comparable to the past model, 85 percentage of its components are new. To indicate this, it has been renamed the Land Rover Discovery Series II.

Fresh styling and a bigger position give the Discovery Series II a well-informed appearance. A host of new features increase safety, comfort, and comfort. The interior has been extensively improved with a lot more secure seats, highly processed switchgear and better outward exposure.

1999 Land Rover Discovery

But the most important change to the Discovery is in the way its hard disks. Whilst the prior model noticed tentative in transient maneuvers and leaned via sides, the different one can feel strongly planted and tackles contours with confidence.

In spite of its highly processed roadworthiness, the Discovery Series II has not yet dropped Land Rover’s well-known off-road functionality. Still, it features a lot of revocation journey to climb more than rocky terrain. It is nevertheless the best off-road utility vehicle.

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The Discovery Series II is 4 in. bigger and is situated 1 in. shorter than the previous model. The wheelbase stays 100 in ., but the rear overhang has been expanded. As an end result, the rear is 6 ins over well before for greater freight capacity.

The interior of the Discovery has been entirely re-designed for 1999, cutting down British eccentricity to tolerable levels while raising comfort and comfort. Window changes have been rearranged into a far more rational format. A new automated weather conditions control gives independent temperature handles for motorist and passenger and is much easier to reach and adapt than before. (Rear air cooling handles are available for $750.) The controls and instrument group happen to be newly designed. Optionally available seat heating units and windshield include ambiance in the winter season.

1999 Land Rover Discovery Interior and Redesign
1999 Land Rover Discovery Interior and Redesign


We drove the Discovery Series II on what Land Rover referred to as “the world’s greatest new car analyze generate.” To commemorate its 50th wedding and to show off its capabilities, Land Rover organized a 20,000-mile trek around the globe. Auto writers have been prepared into tag groups. My section was from Central London to Poultry, a journey of nearly 3,000 a long way that us through 11 nations.

We drove straight down easy roadways, over the busted pavement, by means of challenging off-road portions. We whisked downward Germany’s great-speed Autobahn, traversed Romania’s great-altitude Carpathian Mountaintops and traveled alongside Bulgaria’s solitary-lane debris monitors on the first lower body of this environment circumnavigation. Since this was an expedition, our Discovery was seriously full of cargo and items and dragged a trailer packed with even more devices.

1999 Land Rover Discovery Owners Manual