1994 Dodge Caravan Owners Manual

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1994 Dodge Caravan Owners Manual – For the 1994 model year, Chrysler has created subtle but important changes to the mini-van collection.

After developing and ruling the sector considering that 1984, Chrysler isn’t concerned that the mini-van may go to pot. Instead, it’s worried that the mini-van client may possibly check out General Engines, Ford or Toyota.

1994 Dodge Caravan Owners Manual and Concept
1994 Dodge Caravan Owners Manual and Concept

But Chrysler accounts for 50 % of business mini-van revenue, you say. So why get worried? Because GM once made up 50 percent of business car sales and today its share is even closer to 30 pct. Good reason to be concerned.

We test-drove a 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan LE with all-wheel-drive here at the multimedia review of Chrysler’s 1994 mini-van selection. There appears to be little cause of Chrysler to think about losing its loyalists.

Changes for 1994 had been based upon job interviews of current customers as well as problems from people who familiarized their selves enough with the vans to find out they will take a complete right up until a handful of repairs had been produced, Chrysler officials explained.

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So, the new model year provides:

– Double (driver- and traveler-aspect) air flow totes as normal.

– Contra–secure braking system as common on the Chrysler Town And Land, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Plymouth Grand Voyager, optionally available on all the other vans.

– Optionally available little one safety seats with a rear tilt feature to help keep the kid comfortable when he or she dozes off.

– A lever to maneuver the front passenger seat forward or backward to gain leg area. That seat has been stationary supplies.

1994 Dodge Caravan Interior and Redesign
1994 Dodge Caravan Interior and Redesign

– A smoother and less noisy 4-speed auto transmission. There’s hardly any commotion when getting off from the light-weight or shifting in between gears.

– The 3.8-liter, V-6 engine presented in the Chrysler Imperial and Fifth Avenue to the Chrysler Town & Land as regular, and the Dodge Grand Caravan and Plymouth Grand Voyager as an option. Along with that add-on, Chrysler enhanced the van line’s performance by 12 hp, to 162 h.p.

1994 Dodge Caravan Owners Manual

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